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Welcome To Freegan World!

Welcome to a freegan website by a freegan vegan artista! Call me Freegan - your web mistress and devotee of freeganism and other kool things. What is freegan? Anything you get for FREE! Real goods, Grow Ur own organic homegrown food, herbs, flowers, alternative healing services, real trade. Nonattachment. Enlightenment. Nirvana. Heaven. Other World. Great Mystery. It is said the best things in life are free. It is also said that we get what we pay for. Freegan says you really get what U trade for and what you recycle!

If you gotta pay a lotta money for a possession, it will possess you - either it will make U a wage slave, or it probably ain't worth jack, or it ain't gonna last, or somebody might steal it!

Capitalistas have traditionally seen consumers as little more than wage slaves - suckers and cheap labor. No respect there. The purpose of this site is to exhibit freeform art, freestyle prose & poetry, freegan offers, freegan art, freegan music & instruments, freegan furnishings, free co-housing, co-op community, shared transport, repsyched bikes, homemade anything, wildcrafting, freegan culture, free thinking & ethics. Beg, wheel & deal, barter, serve those in need, but NEVER, EVER work too much for that dirty dog that is money worship - especially credit - lest it make you its financial inmate, a monetary serf - a wage slave to dead end wage slavery jobs, and credit debt, interest, economic & emotional servitude. Worse yet, U might become a slave taskmaster and be forced to oppress others. Why make yourself tired, while other greedy snobs drown in boredom on your time and calories, staying up nights to figure new ways to screw the people? No wonder they can't sleep.

Freegan Artists & Philosophers Speak Out!

Artists often complain about the difficulty of trying to sell art. So why not trade for stuff U need, instead of chasing capitalista dollars. Or give it away to those who can appreciate it enough they would purchase it. Is money what real art is all about? What about The Dead Artists Society? Then we artistas - Freegan was Van Gogh in her past life - come back to see we are worth millions now that we are dead. How do the rich pukes always get rich off us after we artistas are dead? Freegan says we should boycott their stinking little hole of a planetary economic slavery system while we are still alive. Freegan art can be put in public trusts just like land communities can be. The current rip-off capitalist system was all set up by the rich imperialist capitalista aristocratic pukes just for themselves anyway. Everybody - everybody on Earth - seems to get screwed sooner or later anyway under the current oppressive neo-liberal capitalist-socialist system.

Where is the middle of the road? Opinions? Need to vent? Got ideas? Want to form community?

Please, space visitors, e-mail Freegan your comments or questions about forming & terraforming terra firma Planet Freegan


This site is very experimental, as are all things on Planet Freegan. Please be patient and return to see the art and kool stuff later if at first it does not work. Maybe we can do a tradeout with FreeServers. Our first exhibit is dedicated to freegan art and artista culture from around the world. We wanna kno who is doin art, music, really free trade, raw foodism, Reiki healing, whatever, for free trade out among the people out there in free space! Freegan will lead off with hir latest art creations and there is also an exhibit of unknown alien artistas who created their art stuff on our planet and left it here - AS FREE GIFTS. They created it and lost it in space. KOOL KONCEPT! What we do is go and find it and U can help us. Please join the freegan movement.

This site would also be a great place to include any new freegan information that U have come across recently. We will regularly change the content on your planetary site and make updates to the information that U provide us with for FREE. Doing this will help us ALL to get more return visits to PLANET FREEGAN. Remember, freegan is WORLDWIDE! All use the UNIVERSAL SOLVENT - H20, which is FREE!Air & water is free, why not everything else? The only way to stop the senseless killing is to make life FREE again.

Check Links to Freegan Art Exhibit

LOST IN SPACE. Alien art exhibition. These are the latest freegan acquisitions to the Planet Freegan CyberArt Gallery. Thank U! to the respective alien artists who left their work on our fabulous blue-green planet. Some of this art has been restored or retouched to save it from human morons who could not appreciate it and who vandalized it.

11/10/02 - Added pictures of unknown alien artists who visited Houston, Texas in the late 20th century period.
Fall 2001 - Freegan's exhibits at the Houston, Center for Creative Autonomy & The Sacred Light Temple Gallery in Houston, Texas.
Spring 2002 - New art by Freegan.
Fall 2002 - Latest art by Freegan, yogi, healer, counselor & host.

Check Out Freegan's Latest Art!

Freegan Health Tips from Planetary Visitors

Did you know that the world taxpayers, the U.S. military and other government agencies originally built the Internet. So why does everything on it now cost money if it has already been paid for once? Because Earth has a double taxation system, a classist non-egalitarian society, that's why. Tax dollars are used to KILL PEOPLE and defenseless ANIMALS! Money has become a dangerous addiction that is not real. MONEY RULES UNIVERSALLY because it is the RULE on Earth. Money is the revelatory mark of the beast. It is the tool of oppressors & fascists. Yet global capitalism is failing and no one knows why. Public health is failing. Freegan is a raw foodie, a vegan freegan artista, yogi, and raw gourmet chef. Hir wants to clue U in to living nutrition, so U can rule your life - not MONEY SLAVERY. If society would reward healthy people for constructive creativity rather than for boring hourly labor/salary slavery and disease, life would get real. Let us know how U beat the death kult system. U might be 100% total freegan and or vegan. If so, WOW! How do you do that? Tell us. What are your raw power secrets? Wage or salary slavery never gets the average worker, activist, the minority, nor the true artist any real, lasting happiness, high performance health, or longevity. Agree? Talk to us. What do U think? We want your ideas and creativity NOT your money, because U might not have much filthy lucre anyway.

A New Freegan World Is Coming!
Make your new day a Planet Freegan day! Email us and get our autolink to KOOL KONCEPT activist photography and other freegans who are tryin' to change the Kali Yuga's legacy in the last days ...
Check Out In Focus:

Visual Arrest works by Freegan


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